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 Marriage and money: what to do when you and your spouse have different risk tolerances -

<p> My wife and I are a perfect example of spouses with VERY different risk tolerances. I'm definitely more risky when it comes to investing money, and Lindzee is definitely more conservative when it comes to money. I like the idea of ​​investing a house to get a quick profit, while she prefers to put her money in a money market account. However, Lindzee does not try to act as if he knew more about investing and what levels of risk to take with our money. In most cases, we balance each other. She helps me avoid doing business that would lead to bankruptcy, while I help prevent her from allowing our money to rot because of inflation and taxes. However, some of you may find yourself in a situation where your spouse is stubborn about how to invest your money. In particular, it is possible that both have 401 (k) or Roth IRA accounts for retirement. The fact that the account is "your" account that takes money from "your" paycheck, remains from your money. Which means that both of you should make decisions about that money together. </p> <p> Be in sync with your investment strategy. Obviously, this requires communication. Identify your risk tolerances. You can do this by evaluating who likes to take more risks everyday activities. One of you will be more calculated when it comes to making decisions than the other. Understand that and then talk about how you will come together to make a decision about your investments. You can not have one of you invest in mutual funds of growth stocks and real estate and the other invest in government bonds. It just does not make sense. In addition, it is OUR money, not yours and mine. </p> <p> Choose the investments of your retirement account as a whole. If you are under 40, there is no reason why you should not aggressively invest your money. You have 25 to 35 years for that money to surpass the waves of the economy and the stock market. Stop listening to the media and your strange uncle that the stock market is a bad investment. All you need to do is look at your history that has returned to 12% over the past 80 years. Again, if both are similar in age, both should be aggressively investors. It does not make sense for one of you to have mutual funds from growing stocks and the other to have money market accounts. </p> <p> If your partner is not going to follow your advice about your investments, seek marriage counseling. Do not go into the marriage counselor's office saying you have a disagreement about 401 (k) contributions, but that is not the problem. If you can not sit down together and have a rational conversation about how you both should invest your retirement accounts, then there should be another problem. There may be communication barriers, trust issues or anything else that prevents your spouse from matching you. Marriage counseling does not mean that your marriage is failing, it only means your human being and needs help. </p>
<p> I will continue to preach the idea of ​​making decisions and managing your money TOGETHER as a cohesive unit, because that is how I think marriage should be. It was designed for you to be a team, so that two people become one person. If you can not share your money, you can not share your life together. </p> <p> </p>

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